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Elvis Koell

Tell me a little bit about your background. What is your profession? What did you learn?

I have a Mechanical Engineering background, having an MSc in Production Development and Manufacturing from Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).

When did you join Clyde Bergemann and which position did you have?

I joined Clyde Bergemann during my studies in 2006 as production engineer. It was a great way to gain some practical experience to the theoretical university program.

You were part of the Young Talent Programme. When did you participate and what was the theme of the project you worked on? Who were your colleagues in the project?

I was actually involved in two Young talents meetings. First was July 2007 in South Africa. Second time February 2010 in Dubai. We were working on a project to create a solution for improved supply chain activities for boiler efficiency products from China. I was working together with two colleagues from Clyde Bergemann Wesel.

What were – from your perspective – the highlights of your Young Talent Programme?

The greatest achievement was really to get the top management physically into one room together with the most promising young talents from around the world. It gives a totally new perspective seeing Clyde Bergemann as an international group, not just a group of companies with the similar logo. Also many of the young talents then are now working in the key positions throughout the group. So solving a complicated issue, can sometimes just be a calling a friend on the other side of the world.

You left Clyde Bergemann and came back. What were your driving factors?

As Clyde Bergemann Eesti is manufacturing company, I really wanted to get some wider Project Management experience. I worked five years in oil and gas industry, mainly building and testing huge offshore cranes, but also some other projects – building autonomous vehicles for container ports as an example. Throughout all this time I never lost contact with the colleagues from Clyde Bergemann and hearing about the company structure change happening, it was just an ideal opening again in 2018. Knowing the company well, I already came with the vision what I want to change and do.

What is your job today?

I am working today as Head of Projects and Planning. My main goal is to integrate production planning to finance planning and comparing this with real-time figures. I love working with huge data sets to understand the patterns that cannot be seen otherwise.

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

As a passionate choir-singer I invite everybody to our famous song celebration festival, happening in Tallinn on the 7th of July this year. It is happening only in every 5 years, so if you miss this, next one will be on 2024.