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Steam Saver Sootblowing Technology

Sootblowers in a recovery boiler consume a significant amount of valuable high-pressure steam. Although paramount to keep the recovery boiler running at its full capacity without plugging the gas passes, sootblower steam usage can be excessive - and costly.
While it is impossible to completely eliminate sootblower steam consumption, current technology advancements have successfully reduced the sootblower steam usage to a level well below 5% of the total boiler steam production. Our experience with the solutions listed in this guide has shown a sootblower system is able to achieve 2.5% of the boiler MCR.

RSP-H Steam Saver Sootblower

Sootblowers consume a significant amount of valuable high-pressure steam produced by the boiler. A serious cost-saving alternative is to utilize lower pressure extraction steam from the outlet of the steam turbine at 150 – 250 psig (10-17 bar) for sootblower operation.

The RSP-H is Clyde Bergemann’s new generation sootblower, specifically designed to utilize this lower-pressure steam to produce cleaning force equivalent to that of a higher-pressure sootblower. The RSP-H is equipped with specially designed valves and steam nozzles to maximize the effectiveness of the low-pressure steam through improved targeting and increased steam flow.  The steam saver technology embedded within the RSP-H enables the mill to direct all high-pressure recovery boiler steam that is normally used for sootblower operations to a steam turbine to generate an additional 1-3 MW power. The extraction steam from the turbine is redirected for sootblowing operations. 

Multiple pulp mills throughout the world have used Clyde Bergemann Steam Saver sootblowing technology to better control deposit accumulation, generate more MW, and improve profitibility.. The savings gained from this technology, even for retrofits, is more than enough to justify the initial investment, especially if the energy cost in your mill is considered high.

R Series Sootblower Russblaeser






High Performance Contoured Fully Expanded Nozzle (CFE III)

The Clyde Bergemann Contoured Fully  Expanded sootblower nozzle provides up to twice the cleaning power of a conventional nozzle without consuming additional cleaning medium (steam or air). The CFE III nozzle allows the high pressure compressible blowing medium to fully expand within the nozzle before exiting into the boiler. This eliminates the loss of energy due to shock-waves typically produced by conventional nozzles. As a result, the CFE Nozzle generates a jet with much higher Peak Impact Pressure (PIP). The CFE III can generate the same amount of cleaning power at a much lower steam consumption.

CFEIII-LE (Leading Edge) Nozzles

The CFEIII-LE builds upon the proven nozzle technology of our industry leading CFE III nozzle to extend the boiler runtime by targeting hard to reach deposits. This deposit bridging occurs at the leading edge of the heat exchangers where the fouling conditions are more difficult to combat with traditional boiler cleaning systems. Rather than using typical fracture deposit removal mechanisms, the CFEIII-LE uses a new deposit removal mechanism called “debonding” to remove heavy deposits. This technique utilizes a torque angle cleaning pattern to target the deposit located at the leading edge of the tube sections. Through improved cleaning of the leading edge of the heat exchangers, the CFEIII-LE minimizes the likelihood of deposit build-up, which if left untreated could bring the recovery boiler offline.

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