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Port Cleaners

Single Stroke Cleaners

The light weight Single Stroke Cleaner is designed to address severe challenges faced in the recovery environment.  Most importantly, ease of maintenance is built into the design, with features like the non-stick cleaning head to prevent it from being wedged inside the port opening, and an external cleaning rod bearing for easy access.  The spherical trunion permits several degrees of adjustment, eliminating the need for costly, complicated mounting frames.  In addition, the angled cleaning design shears smelt from the port by cleaning from the top to the bottom with the longest cleaning stroke of any other cleaner, making it more effective than typical single punch designs.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy to remove/replace in minutes
  • Unique mounting system eliminates the need for boiler shut downs to align cleaning head
  • Angled cleaning design offers superior cleaning
Automatic Port Cleaners
The patented “index cleaning” technology design of the Clyde Bergemann Automatic Port Cleaners (APC) allows for the lowest risk of cleaning failure; lowest maintenance costs; and lowest operating cost of any port cleaner on the market.  By indexing the serrated cleaning tip up and down, it gradually cleans the entire port area with the least amount of mechanical stress on the components.  This indexing virtually eliminates the risk of the rod jamming or the inability to clean tough deposits, which can result in production upsets and hazard exposure to personnel.  This technique is the only system that can clean all the time during normal boiler operation and almost all the time during disturbance.  All other competitors use the “all-or-nothing” method of cleaning, which increases the stress on their components and often requires supplemental manual cleaning support. 
Due to the very small cleaning head size (approximately 1.5-2 inch) at the Primary level, only a small area of the ports is cleaned with each punch. This results in less impact force transmitted to the system mechanics.  With this low stress design, many ports can be ganged together which results in fewer prime movers.  Clyde Bergemann has less than 40% the critical moving parts than our competition.  In addition, alignment with a “one-punch” unit has three critical degrees – horizontal, vertical, and rotational versus only one critical degree for the APC.  Three times alignment sensitivity, combined with high-impact force cleaning and high duty cycles, and twice the critical component density will result in the maintenance cost and efforts for all competitor cleaning systems to be at least three times higher than Clyde Bergemann.