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Clyde Bergemann and Shuangliang Eco Energy Systems, China Set Up New Company to Boost the Air-Cooled Condensers Business

Shuangliang Clyde Bergemann is to sustainably secure and drive the further development of the business based on the successful development of the market by CBT with the support of SEES. Shuangliang was founded in 1982 and is now one of the top 500 companies in China. The group is actively involved in a variety of fields including machine building, energy systems, chemicals and new materials.
The management of the company consists of Mr. Liu Guoyin as President and Managing Director and Mr. Richard Leitz and Mr. Christoph Schulze as further Managing Directors.

"We are delighted to have found a partner in Shuangliang that will drive forward the development of the air-cooled condensers business", says Franz Bartels, President & CEO of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group.