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Bhaumik Patel

1. Could you please tell us the basic stations of your career at Clyde Bergemann?

I started as a design engineer in June 2005 at Clyde Bergemann Wesel (CBW) being tasked to lead the programming of the new product configurator and thereby got an insight in the complete product portfolio at CBW. In 2010, I was entrusted by Dr. Mueller – R & D and Technology Coordinator of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group then, today our President & CEO – to take the responsibility of Product Manager Sootblowers & Equipment.  Three years later, I was asked to lead the Product Management team, followed by heading the Technology & Sales Support team in October 2014.  Since May 2018, I have taken up responsibilities of additionally heading the newly formed “Projects Centre” at CBW. In all, all activities centring on products and technology.

2. This is a steady success story! Why did you originally pick Clyde Bergemann as your employer?

Being a mechanical engineer, it was always a dream to at least spend a few years working in Germany, the Mecca of the engineering world.  After my Masters Degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, a cold application through the Clyde Bergemann website then saw my resume landing in Wesel, Germany.  A few calls later with Mr. Thorsten Rogmann, Head of HR, followed by a 3-day visit to Wesel, believe me or not, I somehow landed from down-town Detroit to down-town Wesel.  It’s been a while at CBW ever since.

3. What are your core activities today?

We had been looking into bringing in all technical & technology related teams into the realms of one core team.  This saw us forming the “Projects Centre” at CBW where the design, technical proposals & procurement, projects and complaints management teams form one unit to serve the contracts side of our business more efficiently.  My core activities as the head of this one unit is to ensure efficient management of contracts and other related projects for higher profitability.

4. What is "leadership" for you?

I would not want to sound as a “leadership guru”, but I have a rather simple approach, the execution of which, may change from time to time.  Leadership for me is to be there for my team whenever they need me and guide them through their activities to ensure the goals and objectives of the company are met. I am learning each day how best I can do that.

5. How do you motivate yourself and your team?

The best way to motivate oneself or others around you is to look into the eye of the storm, just to put it poetically! We have lately being involved in a few situations where one would think that it would be difficult to come out from. However, addressing the problem internally and finding ways to solve it, just like a puzzle, motivates me. Having a good team around helps the cause many folds.  The team on the other hand, needs trust and belief from my side, to be motivated. I have a strong belief in my team-mates, knowing that each is capable of doing his or her part to the best of their abilities. There are rough patches every now and then, but I am glad to inherit a rather well-motivated team.

6. What was the most memorable situation during your time with Clyde Bergemann?

I have a multitude of good memories during the past decade and more at CB.  Fighting hands-in-hands with our sales colleagues to win major projects brought immense joy, still does. Working out technical issues with the colleagues at the Projects Centre and the manufacturing team, drives me.  I could name each occasion where we have gone out with the team in the past to vent the heat out, and have thoroughly enjoyed each of these.  Singling one out would be difficult, but will never forget the day when I went home and announced my appointment as a Product Manager Sootblowers & Equipment at CBW.

7. What is your favourite thing to do when you are not working?

Hit the dumb-bells, do some weight lifting – just kidding! I like listening to music over a glass of beer and singing loudly along, watching my daughters shake their heads out of hopelessness!