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Air Preheaters

Clyde Bergemann Australia (CBA) has been designing and manufacturing Indirect fired air preheaters in Australia for forty years. CBA has extensive design, fabrication and installation experience in some of Australia’s harshest environments.

Working with industries such as food processing the demands for world’s best practice in regard to hygiene and product quality Clyde Bergemann Australia can draw upon our experience to provide a solution for your needs.
Some of the features and benefits of CBA Air Preheaters are listed below.

  • Design for operating temperatures above 150C 
  • Integral bypass design featuring proven Louvre damper design
  • Differential expansion catered for in the design suits fast start-ups
  • Vertical or horizontal tuned flame for effective heat transfer
  • Proven Inka style tube cage
  • Proven success over forty years
  • Extremely low maintenance costs over the lifetime of the plant
  • Proven Louvre Damper design in-house reducing complicated interfaces
  • Simple to install – Single transportable piece
  • Simple design catering for fast start-ups