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ESP Upgrade

Many existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) units must typically be upgraded in order to keep up with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. ESP upgrades consist of reconstruction of casing, replacement of internals, and implementation of new mechanical or electrical technology. Upgrades of existing systems to Clyde Bergemann’s state of the art RIGITRODE electrodes, MODULOKTM collecting plates, and high frequency power supplies, coupled with Clyde Bergemann’s extensive field experience provides a long-term solution to emission compliance.

Clyde Bergemann’s project teams of engineering personnel evaluate the most economical approach to enhancement, refurbishment, or replacement of ESP equipment to maximise efficiency. From the design stage through to installation, Clyde Bergemann’s expertise in the field of air pollution control ensures unsurpassed ESP performance, backed by our emission guarantee

  • Increases in effective collecting area for higher efficiency
  • Implementation of high frequency power supplies (HFPS) and wider plate spacing
  • Implementation of Clyde Bergemann’s RIGITRODE rigid discharge electrodes and modular MODULOKTM collecting plates for maximum durability
  • Variety of gas distribution solutions, electrical control upgrades, and rapping upgrades
  • Increase unit efficiency by up to 30%
  • Recover more useful by-product from exhaust streams
  • Reduce power consumption and required collection area with switch mode technology
  • Save on operating and maintenance costs