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Circulating Dry Scrubbers Systems

Clyde Bergemann Power Group (CBPG) offers a Circulating Dry Scrubber (CDS) for very high removal rates of Sulfur Dioxide (up to 98%) on medium to high sulfur fuels.  As the first to install a CDS in the North America, the first to install a fabric filter with a CDS in North America, among other feats, CBPG has over 20+ years of engineering, designing, and procuring of CDS systems.  The ability of the CDS to handle a wide array of sulfur content coals provides the flexibility for future fuel switches or even more stringent mitigation regulations, still forthcoming.  The CDS is controlled primarily by three separate feedback control loops: temperature, sulfur dioxide emission and pressure drop.  The fluidised bed provides a buffer for any spikes in emissions at the inlet to the CDS/Fabric Filter system.

  • Injection above the venturis on the CDS to reduce erosion
  • Fuel flexibility for sulfur content (capable of treating up to medium high sulfur contents)
  • Fewer moving parts translates to lower annual maintenance costs
  • User friendly technology requires less attention  from operators who can focus on other areas of the plant
  • Highest capture efficiency for SO2/SO3/HCl/Hg/metals of any dry or semi-dry technology – approximately 98% SO2, and 99% of SO3 and HCl
  • Capable of 50% of turndown without clean gas recirculation (or 25% with clean gas recirculation)
  • More efficient and rapid humidification of gas