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Heat Exchanger Modules with Plastic Coated Tubes

Heat Exchanger Modules with plastic coated tubes are developed in-house in Shanghai at Clyde Bergemann RPT in cooperation with a German material supplier. This is a typical application of so called high performance engineering plastic. The material is thermo conductive, corrosion resistant and has high temperature capability compared to other engineering plastics. With our unique specialized production know-how, the material is applied on to the metal tube surfaces. Clyde Bergemann RPT is the only company in the market that can deliver this kind of tube for heat exchangers.

Generally, the challenge for heat exchangers is that a large section of the heat transfer surface operates below the acid dew point temperature and therefore needs to be built from corrosion-resistant materials. Some customary products in the market use corrosion-resistant alloy steels, an expensive and heavier alternative.