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Water Cooled Screw Conveyor

The Water Cooled Screw Conveyor is typically used to convey material that needs to be cooled from high temperatures – up to over 1.000°C, down to temperature compatible with downstream process – typically <200°C.
The cooling media is industrial water with low chlorite content that is generally used to cool-down the shaft and the external conveyor casing (jacket).
The material of which the conveyor is made by depends on the application and the temperature of the bulk material to convey but in any case, these applications require special steel.

This conveyor is equipped with water inlet and monitoring device and with a VFD to adapt the screw to the required Performance.

Industry Applications:
  • Typically used in Biomass and WTE plant for boiler ash.
  • CFB boiler to cool-down the bottom ash
  • Other industries for different kind of materials that require to be cooled down
  • Enclosed type conveyors installed horizontally or slightly inclined
  • Special supports and bearings
  • Special stuffing boxes
  • Variable speed electronic drive transmissions
  • Special manufacturing steel for high temperature applications
  • Water monitoring devices
  • Customized design
  • Low material capacity
  • Reduction of the material temperature without water contamination
  • No waste of water
  • Totally enclosed conveyor
  • Dust tight construction