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Remote Mechanical Dewatering Conveyor (RMD)


Our unique Remote Mechanical Dewatering Conveyor™ is available in a short time frame to divert bottom ash slurry away from an ash pond and provide a dewatered pile of coal combustion residuals (CCR) while allowing a means to recirculate the ash transport/conveying water back to the ash hoppers and existing jet pumps.

The Clyde Bergemann Remote Mechanical Dewatering (RMD) Conveyor intercepts the existing bottom ash slurry.  It uses large overflow troughs, similar to dewatering bins, and submerged scraper style equipment to separate the ash from the water.  The discharge of the RMDC provides a moist ash that can be handled in a dust free disposal. 

Industry Applications:

The RMD Conveyor can be applied at power plants where bottom ash can no longer be sent to an ash storage pond.  It can be also used on many slurry applications where there the material needs to be separated and collected fromor the water stream.

  • Can operate continuously or intermittently to dewater bottom ash
  • Heavy duty construction with abrasion resistant liners
  • Unique, sophisticated water control design to promote particle separation 
  • Completely eliminates the use of an ash storage pond
  • Can be installed without the need of a plant outage
  • Works with existing bottom ash hopper, jet pumps and slurry pipelines
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be an economical choice over traditional Dewatering Bins