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Smart Blend

For Continuous, Fully Integrated Dosing, Blending and Conveying

SmartBlend is an innovative system used for the production of Blended Cements (such as CEM 2/3/4), where conveying of the final blended product to a destination is a key requirement after efficient dosing and mixing. It can however be considered for any industrial application where conveying of an accurate and homogeneous final blend of material or fuel is critical to an intensive production process. SmartBlend typically replaces more complex multi-process Batch Mixing plants, or other semi-integrated storage, weigh/dosing, conveying systems. Connected to a suitable raw material supply, the SmartBlend system will dose, blend and convey to destination in one continuous fully integrated on-line process.

The system can operate totally independently of the primary Cement plant process, for example at a port, depot or distribution center, or in modular format for remote temporary build.

The SmartBlend system has a range of sizes to match most production requirements from as little as 10 tph, up to 150 tph total blend output, and variable speed feed to allow different blend ratio’s within a given overall range – for instance, 20-50, 50-80, 80-150 tph.

The SmartBlend system consists of multiple individual SmartFeed units, one per raw material. Each SmartFeed is a combined highly accurate Gravimetric Dosing and Pneumatic conveying unit complete with its own variable speed feed control.

The complete integration of all functions within a single unit allows the system to deliver the following parameters reliably:

  • Low or high capacity
  • Constantly stable accuracy and flow uninterrupted by conveying air, rate, or other factors
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Low power
  • Longer distance and higher capacity
  • Variable phase density (product/air ratio)

“Smart” designs on the outlet of the SmartBlend system ensure the individual material streams are mixed together efficiently, meaning blending is achieved almost instantly over the first stage of conveying, ideal for shorter distances.

  • “Combined Dosing, Blending, and Conveying system” for “on-line production” of Blended Cements, or similar Multi-feed/fuel processes
  • “High Accuracy GraviMetric Dosing system” per feed, accuracies of 1% achievable
  •  Highly efficient “Blending”
  •  “Simpler overall plant design”, less process stages and components
  •  “Flexibility” in range, ratio’s, and operation, 10 to 150TPH, length of run infinite dependant on materials and storage availability
  • One simple system replaces complex multi-production processes, far simpler to install, operate and maintain, with total flexibility
  • Precise dosing of raw materials gives guaranteed Quality Assurance on ratio’s:  NO separate mixing process required, a fully homogeneous mix of final Blended product is achieved, equal if not better than Industry CV standards and batch type mixing
  • Smaller building, less maintenance, lower running costs, and lower overall cost when considering total package against conventional processes
  • Blended cements can be made anywhere raw materials are available, at variable rates and production run options - small runs direct to truck, long runs for bulk silo storage. No requirement to be located at the cement plant. Modular systems available.