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Assessment & Testing

Clyde Bergemann Power Group offers a comprehensive array of engineering services which address each and every facet of a successful single or multi-pollutant air pollution control project. These facets include providing the initial compliance assessments, formal compliance strategy development, system design and supply including upgrades to extant equipment where applicable, turnkey installation, construction and project management, startup, commissioning and finally a variety of post-startup life cycle management services which will ensure that your investment provides reliable, efficient and predictable results for many years.

These services are available for all federal, state, regional and local regulations imposing ambient or numerical limits for acid gasses, particulate matter, mercury and toxic metals, and carbon monoxide.

Comprehensive Regulation Compliance Assessments

The key to a successful project is a comprehensive and accurate compliance assessment from which the most cost-effective compliance plan may be developed commensurate with the client’s specific capital demands.

The Clyde Bergemann Power Group compliance assessment compares baseline emission conditions with the regulated requirements. The resultant deficits are quantified along with potential control technologies for each which, at the discretion of the client, may be also be valued for planning purposes.

In the event that baseline data is not available Clyde Bergemann uses independent third-party stack testers to provide this data in conjunction with any available CEMS data from the client. In addition Clyde Bergemann  offers a fleet of portable sorbent test platforms for testing various lime and sodium sorbents for acid gas mitigation and carbon and silica products for mercury mitigation.

Emissions & Sorbent Testing

Already a leader in the dry sorbent injection market, Clyde Bergemann offers a variety of completely mobile Portable Sorbent Injection (PSI) units to confirm emission control requirements unique to each plant. PSI test units are mobile testing platforms capable of injecting various sorbents such as Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC), Amended Silicates, Trona, Sodium Bicarbonate and Hydrated Lime.  Designed with maximum flexibility and accuracy in mind, the PSI units provide the ability to do full scale sorbent injection testing that can provide the critical information necessary to meet air pollution control requirements in an informed and economical manner.  Once PSI testing is complete, Clyde Bergemann can develop a permanent long term solution to efficiently meet any plant’s budget for permanent dry sorbent injection systems for client specified target pollutant emissions.

Once a plant has utilised the PSI test systems emissions control technology, the next step is implementing the right solution for your particular needs.  Clyde Bergemann can provide a permanent emission reduction solution, tailored to any plant configuration, utilising our PSI testing capabilities.