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CFD Modelling

Clyde Bergemann and RECOM Services jointly provide analysis & process optimisation

Realizing synergies

In order to improve plant efficiency, increase availability and reduce emissions, it is crucial to understand the complex processes taking place within an energy conversion system.

Clyde Bergemann is fully aware of this situation. That´s why we start a cooperation with RECOM Services and combine their boiler process simulation know-how with our leading expertise for clean energy solutions. By combining the technologies, we are entering a winwin-situation: you benefit from increased plant performance and efficiency due to process optimisation and we operate our systems according your

Selected references for boiler process simulation by RECOM Services
Operator/Plabt Country Furnace/Burner Capacity
East China Power/ Wangting 14 China Tangential/Jet 200 MWel
Electrabel/Langerlo 1 Belgium Frontal Wall/Twist 220 MWel
Electrabel/Gelderland Netherlands Opposite/Twist 600 MWel
EnBW/Rheinhafen 7 Germany Opposite/Twist 550 MWel
EnBW & EDF/Rybnik 6 Poland Front Wall/Twist 225 MWel
ENEL/Fusina 6 Italy Tangential/Jet 170 MWel
Eskom/Hendrina 9 South Africa Front Wall/Twist 200 MWel
OGK-5/Reftinskaja Russia Opposite/Twist 150 MWel
Vattenfall Europe/Lippendorf S Germany Tangential/Jet 930 MWel
A technological match

Many factors influence the levels of deposit formation, corrosion and emissions such as changes in the quality of coal and varying operation loads. Clyde Bergemann and RECOM Services are both driven by the same mission – to apply our products at the highest level to support
your plant´s efficiency.

Clyde Bergemann is focused on providing innovative systems and solutions along the boiler process chain for a cleaner combustion of fossil fuels. RECOM Services is specialised in computer-aided
optimisation of large-scale boilers and furnaces.

Both technologies fit together and deliver enhanced process engineering know-how to minimize deposit formation, corrosion and emissions.

It is a team play

The combustion of fossil fuels is a complex process where even minor changes can accelerate negative effects such as deposit formation, corrosion and emissions. In our team play, the boiler process simulation software allows us to predict process conditions to act in time at the right place, activating the right measures. This boiler process simulation software has already proven its capabilities for
numerous installations worldwide.


One application example: due to this process simulation, deposit formation can be predicted and our cleaning devices can be installed and operated on-demand and target-oriented.

The result: with boiler process simulation, we know more and our systems and solutions are able to effect more.

Our vision: to let this state-of-the-art process analysis and condition monitoring work in a team with on-load boiler cleaning in order to optimise your boiler´s performance. You benefit from higher efficiency, increased plant availability and reduced emissions.