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Steel ‘H’ Economisers

Since the early 1960’s Clyde Bergemann Australia has built a reputation as experienced thermal engineers in the field of heat recovery. Steel ‘H’ and Double ‘H’ economisers have been adapted to  a wide variety of applications. Applications that include feedwater and steam reheaters in coal fired boilers, industrial steam raising plants, chemical processes, onshore and offshore cogeneration plant and many other industrial processing industries.
The steel ‘H’ and Double ‘H’ economiser allows efficient heat recovery from flue gas streams on boilers fired with PF,  Whether it’s a new build project or a retrofit Clyde Bergemann can engineer a highly efficient, robust, long lasting energy recovery surface to suit your needs. Some of the features and benefits of steel ‘H’ are listed below.

  • Compact energy recovery surface when compared to large plain tube alternatives 
  • Single or double ‘H’ alternatives
  • Design to cater for heavy fouling environments
  • In-line fine, In-line Tube design 
  • Adaptable energy recovery surface proven in many applications
  • Reduction in fouling due to in-line arrangement
  • Reduction in pressure loss
  • Reduction in weight
  • Robust and long-lasting energy recovery surface
  • Straight gas passages – Low fouling easy to clean energy recovery surface