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Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU) - Onshore

Clyde Bergemann Australia, a leading supplier of WHRU’s in the floating production market around the world,  has built a reputation as experienced thermal engineers in the field of heat recovery. Steel ‘H’® and Double ‘H’® heat recovery surface has formed the basis of our onshore WHRU designs.
Our onshore WHRU’s come in many forms from water heating to oil heating or for steam generation (HRSG’s). CBA has a design to suit your requirements. The steel ‘H’® and Double ‘H’® economiser allows efficient heat recovery from fouling flue gas streams. For lighterweight options we can also offer a spiral finned alternative design. Gas damper and bypass technologies are all in-house reducing the number of supplier interfaces in your WHRU selection. Some of the features and benefits of CBA WHRU’s are listed below.

  • Flexible Heat Recovery design either robust Steel ‘H’® or Lightweight spiral finned tube 
  • Integral bypass design featuring proven Louvre damper design
  • Design to cater for heavy fouling environments
  • In-line Fin In-line Tube design adaptable to many applications
  • Exhaust Stack-Silencer designs integral to the WHRU
  • Removable Heat Exchanger Bundles
  • Single Lift Modules available
  • Smaller footprint for restricted applications
  • Proven Louvre Damper design in-house reducing complicated interfaces
  • Simple to install – Large transportable pieces - Single lift possible
  • Robust and long-lasting low maintenance energy recovery surface
  • Straight gas passages – Low fouling easy to clean energy recovery surface