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Diamond Power Spare Parts

Clyde Bergemann designs, engineers and manufactures parts for sootblowers out of our facility in Atlanta.  We provide spare parts for all makes and models of sootblowers in the United States.  This includes not only Clyde Bergemann, but also Copes Vulcan and Diamond Power. 

We understand the critical nature of the sootblowers to maintain efficient and reliable operation of your boilers.  As a result we have a large warehouse holding common spare parts to ensure that we can provide our customers what they need quickly.  We also manufacture customized made to order items for your sootblowers. 

Clyde Bergemann has made tremendous stride with improving the designs for extended reliability and safety.  Our Diamond Power Carriages all come with two feed tube bushings to stabilize the feed tube and extend packing life.  Our EZ Set Poppet Valve allows users to adjust the pressure while the sootblower is operating.  This eliminates a lot of time due to lock out / tag out procedures and also makes it much safer since you do not have to remove the plug which exposes users to the risk of steam related injury if the valve is leaking.

Common Spare Parts Stocked

Models: IK-300, IK-520, IK-525, IK-545, IK-600, IKTM, G9B, IR3Z

  • Carriages
  • Poppet Valves
  • Wallbox
  • Rack
  • Motor
  • Limit Switch
  • Expanda Cable
  • Yoke Assembly
  • Front Rollers
  • Progressive Helix Mechanism
  • Live Load Packing Gland
Made to Order Spare Parts

Models: IK-300, IK-520, IK-525, IK-545, IK-600, IKTM, G9B, IR3Z

  • Lance Tubes
  • Element Tubes
  • Feed Tubes
  • Canopies
  • Expanda Cable Rods