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Apron Conveyor

Apron conveyors are twin chain strand enclosed systems mounted on rollers. Apron conveyors can be used for applications where conveying distance is relatively short and space requirement is limited to convey any kind of bulk material. Due to the absence of relative movement between the material to be conveyed and the conveying system itself, pan conveyors are recommended in case of very abrasive material, ensuring very low operating wear. 
Among others, Clyde Bergemann has developed an unique continuous removal apron conveyor system specifically suitable for mill rejects removal that is capable of withstanding the harsh mill environment.  The main design features include fire-proof, explosion proof, self-cleaning and can also be installed when headroom is limited.

Industry Applications:
  • Bottom Ash conveying
  • Industrial application (Cement, Glass, Thermal Processing) for coarse material with possible high temperature
  • Scrap conveying
  • Any other application that requires reliable conveyor for abrasive material
  • Enclosed type conveyors
  • Can be installed horizontally or inclined
  • Chain driven with pans running on rollers
  • Fixed or variable speed electronic drive transmissions
  • Hardened steel components for long life expectancy
  • Design for high temperature materials
  • Can be designed fire or explosion proof
  • Can also be used  to extract/unload material from hoppers
  • Can handle a wide range of materials including large and sticky particles
  • Good for higher capacity applications
  • Dust tight construction
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Robust and flexible Equipment