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Multi-Media Sootblower

The Multi-Media Sootblower uses steam, air or high pressure water at flue gas temperatures < 800°C  for cleaning of heat exchangers, SCR, air preheaters and gas-gas heaters with dual lances.

Many boiler operators firing heavy fouling fuels have trouble keeping super heater surfaces from forming sintered deposits. These often cannot be removed with regular retracts using steam or air as cleaning medium. On the other hand the regular use of water lances is prohibitive because they too often cause unacceptable levels of tube damage.

The Multi-Media Sootblower normally cleans with steam, however, if and when necessary allows the operator to perform a special cleaning cycle during which water is blended into the cleaning stream in controlled amounts to remove any slag build up.

When using water the  Multi-Media Sootblower is designed to keep the thermal impact on the boiler tubes at a minimum by controlling the amount of water that is being applied to the heating surfaces.

Principle of cleaning
  • The blowing and the scavenging tubes are installed in the gas or air heater and are axially shiftable mounted – the blowing element remains in the flue gas path
  • During the blowing process the blowing and the scavenging tube continue to move further into the heater
  • On reaching the front-side end position the direction of movement changes and the lance tube returns to its rest position
Travel range
  • Integrated stop valve with adjustable throttle disc for comfortable adjustment of the blowing pressure
  • Temperature-resistant blowing element material
  • High-performance nozzles
  • Stainless feed tube material
  • Travel monitoring by limit switch
  • Integrated gear motor for movement of both blowing elements
  • Add-ons: SMART Set for external adjustment of throttle disc / Self-adjusting stuffing box packing
Your Benefits:
  • Extended boiler availability and increased boiler efficiency
  • Controllable deposit build-up regardless of flexible boiler operation and changing fue mixture or varying fuel quality
  • Prevented fouling in the superheater and blockage in air heater as well as  economiser
  • Maximised thermal efficieny and reduces gas exit temperatures
  • Maintained balanced heat transfer in the boiler as close as possible to design paramters
  • The Clyde Bergemann sootblowers are reliable and simple to maintain
  • The Clyde Bergemann design optimises cleaning effect and minimises consumption of steam, water and air