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Clyde Bergemann Colombia Provides Fly Ash Solutions for Gecelca Termoguajira Power Plant

The Termoguajira power station in Dibulla, Guajira, Colombia is a coal fired plant with two units equaling 320 MW. While being entrusted with sootblower maintenance and repair works, Clyde Bergemann Colombia (CBCOL) detected problems the operator was having with the current fly ash system. The existing pneumatic vacuum system was continuously getting plugged and had many leaks, leaving the plant covered with ash. The problem arose and deteriorated when the plant – due to an increase of electricity demand – had to run all units at full load for which it was obviously not constructed.

CBCOL used the opportunity and presented itself as a supplier of Material Handling solutions, discussed the problem with the customer, offered a detailed analysis and a firm proposal. By walking the system and doing additional calculations, the Clyde Bergemann specialists were able to propose replacement equipment that provided solutions to their ash handling needs.

The scope included upgraded Ash Intake Valves that will be mounted directly below the hopper outlets which are used to meter ash into a vacuum conveying system. Also the CBPG team is going to apply PERMA/lok 5 valves, to upgrade their currently installed valves that are used for on/off control. The PERMA/lok 5 valves are designed especially for heavy duty material handling applications. Ash piping and Connectors are included as well. Implementation started in June 2015.