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On-line Steam Cleaning Technology

Retractable Sootblowers

Clyde Bergemann (CB) has several types of retractable sootblowers available for cleaning heat exchangers within a W-t-E boiler.  All of the Clyde Bergemann retractable sootblowers are designed to ensure trouble-free operation.

Retractable sootblowers can be equipped with the CB patented multiple blowing pattern indexing system. The benefit of indexing is the minimization of sootblower erosion by varying the location of cleaning jet impact on the heat transfer surface, which greatly improves the longevity of the heat transfer Surface.

More information about Retractable Sootblowers can be found here….

High Performance Contoured Fully Expanded Nozzle (CFE III)

The Clyde Bergemann Contoured Fully  Expanded sootblower nozzle provides up to twice the cleaning power of a conventional nozzle without consuming additional cleaning medium (steam or air).   The CFE III nozzle allows the high pressure compressible blowing medium to fully expand within the nozzle before exiting into the boiler. This eliminates the loss of energy due to shock-waves typically produced by conventional nozzles. As a result, the CFE Nozzle generates a jet with much higher Peak Impact Pressure (PIP). The CFE III can generate the same amount of cleaning power at a much lower steam flow rate.