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We Energies ERGS seeks the experts in boiler cleaning for 100% PRB conversion

The collective effort of multiple departments within CBPG over the course of the last 10 years led to the continued expansion of the CBPG installation at the site, which is part of the Oak Creek Power Plant.  Regional Sales support of the existing installation coupled with the Performance Monitoring, New Equipment and Aftermarket divisions have forged a strong relationship between ERGS and CBPG.  

The trust developed over the years between the two companies is reflected in the recent $3.5 million award to expand the SMART Clean suite of technologies on Unit 2 at the site.  The solution includes the following:

• 4 Cannon System

• Redundant Pump Skid

• 41 Heat Flux Sensors 

• Electrical & Mechanical System Design

• Electrical & Mechanical Installation

• SMART Clean 

• SMART Furnace & SMART Convection



In 2005 CBPG was awarded a equipment supply contract for the sootblower systems on (2) 615MW Hitachi supercritical pulverized coal boilers at WE Energies Elm Road Generating Station (ERGS).  The units were put into service in 2010.  Each unit was equipped with the following:

(26)  37’ Travel USX Blowers

(12) 18.5” Travel USB Blowers

(36)  VS Wallbowers

Basic SMART Control System


PRB Conversion

ERGS sought CBPG’s experience in dealing with the unique slagging characteristics of Powder River Basin (PRB) coal. The boilers were originally designed to burn Eastern Bituminous coal.  In 2012 ERGS kicked off a fuel flexibility project with the aim of converting to 100% PRB.   CBPG’s Boiler Efficiency Product Division developed a solution that incorporated additional modules to expand the intelligent soot blowing system. Subsequently, CBPG was awarded the first installment of the SMART Clean System which included 2 SMART Clean Systems with Thermal Dynamic Models (TDM) for both units including modules for both the furnace and convection passes. 

(2) SMART Clean System including SMART Convection and SMART Furnace

SMART Convection: With TDM

(2) FEGT Pyrometer

SMART Furnace: TDM and FEGT based Wallblower Control

(2) Start up Assistance, (2) Training, (2) 6 months Remote Performance Optimization, (4) SMART Flux Sensors

Once the additional SMART Clean modules were installed, the Remote Performance Optimization of the system was utilized to further secure our position for the additional system upgrades.   The performance monitoring group stayed close to the ERGS team through the performance optimization process which deepened our understanding of the installation and further strengthened the confidence ERGS has in CBPG boiler performance solutions.   

In October 2014 Clyde Bergemann was contracted to conduct performance monitoring services for the 100% PRB test burn.  Confirming CBPG’s hypothesis, the results of the test demonstrated that the current furnace cleaning equipment would be unable to keep up with the slagging.  The SMART Cannon system was found to increase the furnace area cleaning coverage to 84% of the furnace vs. 12% of coverage offered by the current wallblower set up. Clyde Bergemann’s ability to quantify the benefits using boiler evaluation and performance data was one of the key factors in securing this performance based project.