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Effective Automatic Port Cleaning Technology

Clyde Bergemann is the overwhelming leader in recovery boiler automatic port cleaning systems (APC) with installations on more than 300 recovery boilers worldwide.  Our patented port rodder “indexing cleaning” technology has proven to be the most effective method of cleaning combustion air ports in the extremely difficult recovery boiler environment.

Clyde Bergemann can

  • provide new port rodder systems,
  • refurbish existing equipment and
  • provide spare parts and outage service

to ensure that the boiler’s APC system operates at maximum effectiveness.

Single Stroke Cleaners

The lightweight Single Stroke Port Cleaner is designed to overcome severe challenges associated with cleaning the air ports on a recovery boiler.  A key aspect of the design of the single stroke port rodder is ease of maintenance.  The single stroke cleaner can be serviced while on line or during outages.  Additional features such as  the non-stick cleaning head, which prevents the unit from being wedged inside the port opening, and an external cleaning rod bearing for easy access, improves the reliability of this vital recovery boiler system. 

Automatic Port Cleaners

The patented “index cleaning” technology design of the Clyde Bergemann Automatic Port Cleaners (APC) allows for the lowest risk of cleaning failure; lowest maintenance costs; and lowest operating cost of any port cleaner on the market.  By indexing the serrated cleaning tip up and down, the port rodder gradually cleans the entire port area with the least amount of mechanical stress on the components.  This indexing virtually eliminates the risk of the rod jamming or the inability to clean tough deposits, which can result in production upsets and hazard exposure to personnel.