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New Product Launch: Sootblower Carriage

Clyde Bergemann Atlanta announces a new upgrade to the standard carriage, the Infinity Carriage. The Infinity Carriage features a number of improvements and comes with a 5 year warranty. It can be installed on all US/RS and USX retractable sootblowers.

Standard carriages require routine lubrication that can lead to bearing failures as the result of over/under lubrication. Infinity Carriages eliminate this requirement by having permanently lubricated spindle bearings. The high temperature lubricant is specifically designed to last the life of the carriage. 

This latest Clyde Bergemann advancement provides other advantages through SealPack with MaxPacking. Our unique MaxPacking is the result of years of research and design to find our customers a packing design that is maintenance free and lasts longer than any other packing available. Trials have seen the SealPack with MaxPacking last 5-10 times longer than current packing material, even on steam headers with heavy condensate. 
Along with the additional upgrades, the Infinity Carriage still comes with the standard industry leading features Clyde Bergemann is known for such as the modular design.  The upper gearbox is separated from the lower spindle housing by four easily accessible bolts shortening gearbox removal time by hours.  This design also reduces thermal transfer from the high temperature cleaning medium to the gearbox oil, bearings, and seals extending service life.

The balanced drive carriage centers the gearbox evenly between the dual rack drives, providing balanced weight distribution.  This design eliminates the frequent oil leaks and pinion failures found in "handed" sootblowers due to the uneven weight distribution.  This also reduces the number of spare parts due to elimination of "handed" retracts.

Having the standard Seal Pack allows for quick and easy packing replacement via a pre-loaded cartridge, rather than stacking packing rings by hand, saving both time and money by maintenance personnel.