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Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are tubular-type or channel-type and can be used to convey many different kind of materials for short distances. The screw conveyor is generally used as extractor or dosing conveyor.
Clyde Bergemann design include heavy screws up to 1.000 mm of diameter suitable to be installed for many applications in different industries.
It is a very reliable equipment if well designed and can convey material up to about 500°C in the standard version for short distance. 
The main design features include dust-proof, explosion proof (where required), self-cleaning and low speed to ensure a long life of all components.

Industry Applications:
  • Bottom and Fly Ash conveying system
  • Silo unloading system
  • Fuel feeding system
  • Dust extraction and conveying system
  • Enclosed type conveyors installed horizontally or inclined
  • Extraction, dosing or conveying purpose
  • Fixed or variable speed electronic drive transmissions
  • Hardened screw for long life expectancy
  • Design for high temperature materials
  • Special design for coarse material
  • Can handle a wide range of materials including large and sticky particles
  • Accurate dosing 
  • Dust tight construction
  • Robust and flexible Equipment