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First New SMART Clean™ Technology for Utility in North America

The Utility, which has 3 super critical Combustion Engineering boilers with 800 MW gross power generation, first purchased SMART Clean in 2009 as a solution to their 2-3 forced outages per year due to sootblower tube erosion.  

SMART Clean is a boiler cleaning optimization system, designed to intelligently respond to real-time heat transfer in the boiler and target areas that are fouling while simultaneously adjusting the sootblower cleaning flow based on how tenacious the deposit is.  Since the system was first installed, SMART Clean has eliminated all tube erosion outages, as well as improving economizer exit gas temperature by 20F providing a 0.6% plant heat rate improvement.  

In November 2014, the CBAM sales team presented the additional capabilities of the new the SMART Clean platform to operations management.  The new platform will further improve plant heat rate an additional 0.4% by using a "what if" analysis that analyzes what effect sootblowing in a particular area will have on boiler efficiency before the sootblowing actually takes place.  This allows the system to operate the sootblowers that will have the greatest impact on improving boiler efficiency.  In addition to the new SMART Clean platform, the Utility purchased four SMART Retractable Sootblowers to install in their superheater tube bank, where conventional sootblowers are unable to keep clean.  

Installation and commissioning of the SMART Clean upgrade took place late March 2015.