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Waste Derived Fuels

Waste Derived Fuels

Waste derived fuel (WDF) can take on many forms and covers a range of fuel types from pelletized animal waste to Solid Reclaimed Fuels (SRF).  Whatever the form of the fuel, feeding it accurately into the process is the key performance deliverable.  With such a wide range of fuel types, there is no one size fits all technology.  Customers need a company to evaluate the specific needs of their process and then apply and deliver the full turnkey package of the most effective technology or mixture of technologies to meet the fuel feed performance goals.

Clyde Bergemann are uniquely positioned with key references across the whole of the fuel feed spectrum with pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems and a range of feeders and solutions which not only feed at high accuracy but will respond quickly to the process variations that are key to cost effective system performance.

Any form of pelletized fuel can be extremely difficult to convey.  For short distances and lower transfer rates, lean phase conveying can be very effective but has performance limitations over longer distances.  Clyde Bergemann’s medium phase technology has been specifically developed to solve this problem and can convey pellets at high transfer rates over large distances where lean phase conveying is not effective.  

Solid Reclaimed Fuels can come in various forms and there is no simple solution.  Working closely with the client’s fuel supplier and the fuel specification, Clyde Bergemann will evaluate the most appropriate solutions for the specific process and deliver the full turnkey package from truck/rail unloading all the way to the key requirement of delivering the fuel accurately and efficiently to the process.

Industry Applications
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial power generation
  • Cement and Minerals
  • Iron and Steel
  • Non-Ferrous metals
  • Petrochem and Plastics
  • Water
  • Waste to Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Coal to Chemical or Gas