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Biomass Handling Systems

Biomass fuel covers a whole range of fuel sources including wood pellets, waste derived fuels, municipal waste and organic waste. 

The key to a cost effective efficient biomass handling system is a truly integrated solution, which considers the location of all the key delivery and storage points and the effective mode of conveying between them for the given process. 

Fuel feed and the accuracy of the fuel feed system is key to the operational efficiency of any combustion process.  The conveying solution will consider the fuel form (pelletized or milled), rate and transfer distances, feed accuracy plus turn down rates to configures solutions based on mechanical, lean phase and dense phase conveying.   Accurate fuel delivery can be via a continuous pneumatic injection system or mechanical screw feeders.  Clyde Bergemann have key skills in all modes of conveying technology to ensure that the most cost effective solution of the total fuel feed system based on key process requirements; not the sale of proprietary equipment.

  • Pneumatic or gravity injection
  • Continuous or batch mode conveying and injection
  • Mechanical conveying systems
  • Lean, medium and dense phase conveying systems
Industry Applications
  • Utility power generation
  • Industrial power generation
  • Combustion process of all sizes ranging from 5-1,000MW