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Meet Process Safety, Reliability, Efficiency and Emissions Regulatory Requirements

The Clyde Bergemann Power Group designs, supplies and services innovative products, systems, and services for the cement, lime, minerals and aggregate industries. Clyde Bergemann equipment handles a variety of abrasive materials including:

Finish Cement Sand/Silica Trona
Raw Meal Coke/Coal Hydrated Lime
Clinker Gypsum Carbon
Kiln Dust Perlite Phosphate Rock
Fly Ash Diatomaceous Earth Feldspar

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio to meet the current demands of these industries including:

Clyde Bergemann can provide end users with systems designed to meet the facility’s exacting requirements at the lowest total cost of ownership.  Systems can be provided on a material only or turnkey basis.

Rebuild, Upgrade and Replacement

Clyde Bergemann also has a strong presence in the rebuild, upgrade and replacement of existing systems throughout the industry. Experienced teams of trained Clyde Bergemann personnel conduct detailed field inspections of the systems to determine the most economical and efficient approach to maintain and upgrade existing equipment to meeting your facility’s evolving requirements.