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First Low Pressure Drop Sootblower Retrofit Project in the USA

CBPG approached Weyerhaeuser Corporate in early 2015 and presented the business case to fully retrofit Port Wentworth mill’s existing sootblowers with this technology, taking advantage of their scheduled turbine upgrade project in June 2016. 

Although our competitor was also considered in the bidding process, they were disqualified due to lack of successful installations with low pressured drop sootblowing. CBPG worked very closely with Weyerhaeuser corporate engineering and the mill to build the solution that will meet with both corporate and mill requirements. After careful site evaluation and feasibility studies, CBPG’s Boiler Efficiency division offered the customized application that fits the project technical requirements as well as the outage time table. Clyde Bergemann's Southeast Regional sales team's excellent track record with the mill in supporting aftermarket and boiler efficiency needs for many years was critical during Weyerhaeuser’s decision making process. Both the mill and Weyerhaeuser’s corporate teams voted for CBPG and the project was awarded in June 2015. 

With this project, CBPG established the following key milestones:

  • First 100% retrofit project in the USA
  • Port Wentworth had competitor’s sootblowers for more than 25 years. This project will convert 74 sootblowers to Clyde Bergemann products in both the recovery boiler and power boilers at the same time, getting our competitor completely out of the mill.
  • The mill’s project payback is less than 2 years, generating an additional 1.16 MW capacity  of green energy ‎
  • CBPG maintains 100% of the Low Pressure Drop Sootblowing installations in the USA, keeping our competition completely out of the US market
  • CBPG Low Pressure Drop Sootblower installations in the US were only on new recovery boilers until this project came to life. As the majority of the US pulp & paper industry for this technology requires retrofitting, this win establishes a true retrofit reference that will help CBPG unlock the potential for the 200 recovery boilers in US and Canada  
  • First Steam Saver sootblowing application in a hog fuel power boiler


We are excited to see Weyerhaeuser’s leadership in adapting new technologies in US Pulp and Paper Industry and we look forward to help Weyerhaeuser’s efforts to conserve energy and generate additional power in Port Wentworth mill.