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Clyde Bergemann Americas Introduces Fitness-to-Operate Sootblower Maintenance Program

As the average age of North Americas recovery boilers approaches 40 years – well in excess of their typical design life the FTO program is designed to offer customers a more maintenance-focused approach to operating safe, stable, and cost efficient boilers.  

The program provides three levels of maintenance support:

  1. Basic maintenance and emergency handling
  2. Safety and reliability
  3. Complexity and maintenance cost reduction

After helping to identify problems and then recommending solutions in these three areas, the FTO program delivers a full portfolio of services to customers. These include: a full range of training, remote monitoring and support using plant and equipment data, Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT), detailed equipment inspections, and sootblower safety and reliability reports, to name a few.

“In listening to our customer’s daily challenges with their aging equipment and limited resources, we have been working hard to come up with solutions that help them find a way through this difficult situation. We want to find the right solution for every mill that faces the challenges of reducing their costs while keeping control of safety and getting the equipment’s reliability and performance where it needs to be,” said Dominick Garton, President of Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas (CBAM). “Our group of trained experts is committed to deliver a high quality Fitness-to-Operate (FTO) program that will help our customers properly maintain their equipment in the most cost effective safe way.”

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