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Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas Receives Order For EPA MATS Rule Compliance

Building on last year’s $180 million equipment contract to achieve MATS compliance at a major Midwestern Utility, CBAM has been awarded a $10 million contract from a major Utility located in the Western U.S. to achieve compliance with MATS. CBAM’s scope includes the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of additive systems for calcium bromide and scrubber re-emission controls at four (4) coal-fired power stations.  These systems reduce the emission of mercury from these 4 stations totaling 3,800 MW.

“This order further enhances CBAM’s already broad environmental compliance portfolio”, says Greg Golub, CBAM President. “It confirms yet again that CBAM is a trusted partner to the power generation industry and that we are an ally in their pursuit of EPA Regulation Compliance.”

The MATS rule requires existing power plants to meet minimum standards for emissions of toxic air pollutants such as mercury, particulate matter, and acid gases.  To date, CBAM has provided many custom engineered systems designed to reduce toxic pollutants.  In many cases these systems are required to operate continuously 24 hours per day while the boiler is in operation.  They must be rugged and provide a high level of reliability to assure environmental compliance.  For these reasons, Clyde Bergemann has become a leading supplier of mitigation systems.

Design work for the project has already begun with implementation scheduled to start in Fall 2014.