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Bottom Ash Handling System for Biomass Conversion of Lynemouth Power Station Also Been Awarded to Clyde Bergemann

UK-based energy engineering firm Doosan Babcock has been awarded the contract to deliver the combustion and emissions systems for the biomass conversion of Lynemouth power station. They selected CBG’s patented dry bottom ash handling system “DRYCON” for each boiler to replace the old Submerged Scraper Chain which uses water for ash conveying.

DRYCON is a steel plate conveyor that automatically conveys and cools the bottom ash utilising ambient air only. The system operates by using the negative pressure inside the boiler to suck ambient air through a series of valves located along the belt. This air will stream across the hot ash absorbing the heat and transferring it back into the boiler. The re-burning effect of the heat energy from the ash not only increases the boiler efficiency, it also reduces coal usage and CO emissions.  

The eco-friendly system operates without using any water for ash cooling or conveying and so water related treatment costs do not accrue.

Summing up, DRYCON provides cooled and dry bottom ash at high-end quality for subsequent utilisation, improved energy efficiency and an eco-friendly system completely devoid of water.

The first DRYCON will be delivered in December 2016. The systems for unit 2 and 3 are scheduled for January and February 2017.

 “The scope of our deliveries for the Lynemouth power plant exemplifies the depth and breadth of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group’s portfolio for Materials”, summarizes Franz Bartels, President & CEO of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group.