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Silo Systems & Storage

Clyde Bergemann understands the importance of storage efficiency as well as the need to optimize transportation of materials within a process.  In doing so we are capable of engineering packages with high-end cost efficient storage solutions utilizing technologies from the Clyde Bergemann product portfolio and beyond, including:

Silo Roof Equipment

Our silo roof technology and design portfolio includes:

  • Complete basic and detailed design (mechanical, process, electrical & civil)
  • Dump valves, Dome type Switch Valves and Terminal Boxes
  • Dust filtration systems with or without forced air system
  • Cyclone separation for either wet or dry materials
  • Crushers, feeders and weighing devices
  • Process instrumentation including level, pressure and temperature detection
  • Lifting equipment for maintenance
  • Maintenance and access design and supply
  • Inspection and access hatches
Silo Discharge Equipment

Our silo roof technology and design portfolio includes:
The emptying of storage silo systems is key to effective plant operation.  Material hang-up and bridging is a common problem throughout industry that needs to be resolved.
Clyde Bergemann offers both wet and dry silo discharge systems to meet the increasing demand of the power, cement or other industries. Whether it is discharge ash, cement or biomass: Clyde Bergemann has demonstrable excellence in this field.

Non-Free Flowing Materials

Silo fluidizing and aeration systems are commonly used in applications with non-free flowing materials.  The Clyde Bergemann design team is skilled in the selection of appropriate systems to ensure flow-ability from both conical and flat bottom silos whilst offering a full design and turnkey supply service for the equipment required.

Dry Material Unloading

Dry material unloading is becoming more popular especially in coal fired power station processes where ash is being utilized by other industries such as the cement industry for making alternative cement blends.  The Clyde Bergemann handling solutions are well established to load either tankers or rail cars both effectively and efficiently.  By using state-of-the-art telescopic un-loaders Clyde Bergemann is able to design and supply dustless high or low capacity unloading systems with single or multiple outlets to suit most applications.

Wet Material Mixing Plants

Where water is required to dampen the material or reduce dust laden Clyde Bergemann can offer wet material mixing plants utilizing either Ash Mixers (Pugmills), Pin Mixers, Vortex Mixers or mixing tanks.  Whether these solutions are being installed as the primary unloading system or as an emergency back-up: Clyde Bergemann is able to complete the turnkey solution.


  • Aeration systems for conical or flat bottom silos
  • Mechanical discharge devices
  • Telescopic or static dry unloading spouts
  • Wet ash mixers (conditioner, pugmill, pin mixer, vortex mixing, mining tanks)
  • Impact weighing devices
  • Crushing and feeding devices
  • Tanker or rail car loading systems
  • Open top truck loading systems
Railcar & Truck Unloading

Railcar and unloading systems can be designed to handle a wide range of dry bulk solids such as fly ash, cement, limestone, sand, carbon and many more.
Unloading can be done pneumatically, mechanically or with a combination of both.  In any case the unloading system must be environmentally safe and provide reliable operation. 
Unlike many companies who specialize in only one type of material handling, Clyde Bergemann offers a wide range of material handling systems.  Based on an analyses of the customers’ needs, the appropriate type of system for the respective plant and budget is offered.