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eXTreme Rotary Valve

Since 1964 the PERMA/flo “XT & XL” eXTreme Rotary Valve has been considered the valve of choice by customers who demand long life, rugged durability, ease of maintenance and high quality. Both the “XL” and “XT” series of rotary valves feature a unique design that offers adjustment between the rotor and the seal shoe. This adjustability enables the rotor to seal shoe gap to be maintained providing the tightest seal possible throughout the life of the unit. Both the rotor and seal shoe are constructed of a special chrome-iron alloy called P-33. This alloy yields a hardness of 500-600 Brinell. Unlike other valves that feature a surface hardening, P-33 is a solid alloy casting that does not wear off to expose a softer metal base.  Adjusting and maintaining a tight gap between the rotor & seal shoe can be made externally while the valve is in place.

  • Rotor and seal shoe alloy have a hardness of 500-600 Brinell
  • Rotor to seal shoe clearance is field adjustable
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Can be used for gravity, vacuum or pressure applications
  • Can be used as an airlock & feeder
  • Designed to meter abrasive materials