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Injection Systems

The use of injection systems to reduce emissions has become an industry standard. Injection systems are typically required to operate 24 hours per day, continuously while the boiler is in operation.  They must be rugged and provide a high level of reliability to assure environmental compliance is maintained. 

Clyde Bergemann’s line of abrasive resistant rotary valves and conveying line elbows provides a solid foundation that allows our injection systems to operate successfully in all applications described below.

The Clyde Bergemann range of products and systems includes:

1. CFB Boiler Limestone Injection Systems
Use limestone as a sorbent to reduce SO2 emissions

2. Dry Sorbent Injection Systems
Inject dry sorbent to reduce plant stack emissions in coal fired boilers 

3. Activated Carbon and Arsenic Injection Systems for Mercury Control
Making use of lime to mitigate the arsenic, naturally found in coal.