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Mechanical Conveying Systems

Mechanical Conveying Solutions for Ash, Solid Fuels, Limestone and Gypsum

Clyde  Bergemann designs and supplies a wide range of mechanical conveying systems in the heaviest conditions with the most difficult kinds of ash. Mechanical conveyors are well suited for high capacity conveying rates and handling abrasive materials.

Typical Products Conveyed

Mechanical conveyors are not only in coal-fired power plants but also in incinerators, biomass plants and many industrial applications.  Our systems cater for the most difficult kind of materials including coarse, hot, abrasive, sticky and humid bulk materials. We provide complete, robust and efficient solutions for solid fuels feeding such as coal, coke, waste/refuse derived fuel, biomass, limestone and gypsum.

Product Range

The product range includes belt, tripper, chain and apron conveyors as well as bucket elevators, systems for transfer systems, reclaiming and truck unloading, covering all the needs of the industrial and power field.