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Dense-Phase Conveying

For transporting fine or coarse materials

Dense-phase pneumatic conveying uses positive pressure to push material along a pipeline in a plug form at low velocities. 

Typical Products Conveyed

Application of dense-phase pneumatic conveying requires vast knowledge of the materials to be handled and their key characteristics such as particle size, shape, bulk density and chemical composition.  Typical materials conveyed are ash, limestone, granular coal, cement, sand, gypsum and many more.

  • High temperature valves up to 450°C
  • Dense, medium and lean-phase combinations
  • Valve open/closed monitoring back to PLC
  • Fully automated PLC system with SCADA compatibility
  • Non-stick valve coating for sticky materials
  • All pressure vessels incorporate the highly reliable Clyde Bergemann Dome Valve
  • High pressure system conveying at between 3.0 – 4.0 bar
  • Pressure vessels are factory assembled with all pneumatic piping pre-wired
  • Different vessels to match a variety of applications
  • Significantly reduced pipe and component wear, promoting minimum operational expenditure (OPEX)
  • Extended life expectancy
  • Low energy consumption and high reliability
  • Longer, single stage conveying distances of up to 3000 m with transfer rates in excess of 100 tph