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Pneumatic Conveying

When it comes to conveying bulk material, irrespective of how abrasive, fragile or difficult to handle they are, Clyde Bergemann’s pneumatic conveying systems are state of the art and proven worldwide throughout many industrial applications.

Medium Phase Conveying - Suited to High Capacity and Long Distance Applications

The system uses medium pressure typically between 1.0 – 2.0 barg and is capable of transporting materials like e. g. milled bottom ash, granular or crushed limestone and wood pellets at capacities above 240 tph down one pipeline over distances in excess of 1000 m.

Pressure Vessel Technology

Clyde Bergemann’s medium phase technology uses specialist pressure vessel technology that self regulates depending on the amount of material being fed into the pipeline, thereby avoiding uncontrolled discharge leading to pipe blockages. 

The system includes a variable position Dome Valve that is linked to a pressure transmitter installed in the conveying pipeline. PLC logic monitors the pipeline pressure against a predetermined set-point, ensuring that the loading is always optimized.

  • High temperature valves up to 450°C
  • Continuous or semi-continuous operation
  • Valve open/closed monitoring back to PLC
  • Fully automated PLC system with SCADA compatibility
  • Non-stick valve coating for sticky materials
  • Pipeline blockage prevention system
  • All pressure vessels incorporate the highly reliable Clyde Bergemann Dome Valve
  • Medium pressure system conveying at between 1.0 – 2.0 barG
  • Pressure vessels are factory assembled with all pneumatic piping pre-wired
  • Pipeline blockage prevention system
  • Highly efficient mode of pneumatic conveying
  • Low overall energy consumption
  • Low operational expenditure
  • Low velocity material transport along pipeline
  • Can be modified easily at a later stage to adapt to process / plant changes