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Mechanical Conveying

Mechanical Conveying

Clyde Bergemann offers turnkey mechanical solutions including the continuous transport of abrasive materials through enclosed trough conveyor systems, also known as pan or plate feeder technology.  Twin chain strand enclosed trough conveyor systems mounted on rollers are continuously driven through a motor and a geared reducer to ensure power consumption is low for each application. 

Alternatively, enclosed trough conveyor systems, also known as Drag Chain Conveyors or DCCs, with single or multiple chain strand, can be supplied for onward conveying applications. Pan conveyors or DCCs can be used for applications where conveying distances are relative short and space requirements are limited

For longer distance or high capacity onward conveying applications it can be more efficient and cost effective to design in an open trough or enclosed belt conveyor system.  This type of equipment is well proven for handling bulk materials and can be configured in a wide range of ways including horizontal and steep incline.

  • Enclosed pan/chain conveyor with variable speed control
  • Multiple feed inlets / outlets (all conveyor types)
  • Walkways both sides of conveyors
  • ATEX electrical equipment for hazardous zones
  • Enclosed type conveyors installed horizontally or inclined
  • Chain driven with sprockets and horizontal flights to move the material (pan / chain conveyors)
  • Drum driven with tensioned belt (belt conveyor) running on rollers
  • Fixed or variable speed electronic drive transmissions
  • Hardened steel components for long life expectancy (pan / chain conveyors)
  • Can handle a wide range of materials including large and sticky
  • Good for low to high capacity applications
  • Minimum headroom required for installation
  • Robust and flexible equipment