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The thermoprobe is a measurement and analysis instrument to monitor the flue gas temperature in critical zones of the furnace exit area.

Operating Principle
  • The probe tube with its thermocouple is driven into the flue gas pass to monitor the flue gas temperature
  • Cooling medium is supplied  to avoid overheating of the probe tube head
  • On reaching the front-side end position, the direction of movement changes and the probe tube returns to its rest position
  • High Temperature-resistant probe thermocouple and probe tube material
  • Travel monitoring with limit switches
  • Distance measurement advice sensor to determine the position of the probe tube
  • Integrated gear motor for advance movement
Your Benefits
  • Reliable detection of the process parameter Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT)
  • Measurement of temperature profile during boiler start
  • With the temperature measurement at the furnace exit, temperature peaks can be detected and  an overheating of the downstream heat exchanger surfaces during boiler start could be avoided
  • Monitoring of the flue gas temperature through simultaneous accurate positioning of the thermocouple (path-dependent temperature measurement)