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The intelligent boiler cleaning starts with the diagnostic of important process parameters. Different sensors continuously monitor those parameters and feeding back key data for analysis of heat flux, flame and flue gas temperature, surface temperature and weight of deposits in the superheater and reheater area.
With the SMART Clean diagnostic instruments the current slagging & fouling situation at different locations of the steam generator is determined.


SMART Flux Sensor

The SMART Flux Sensor is designed to directly measure the heat flux on the furnace walls.

Principle of function
  • Direct heat flux density measurement on the furnace-facing side
  • Temperatures in the tube wall are measures by special thermocouples
  • The measured values are then used to calculate the heat flux density in consideration of individual material constants and calibration data
  • Determination of tube surface temperature – results in an assessment of the thermal strain on the tubes and thus an estimation of their service life
  • SMART Flux Sensors are configured, produced and calibrated for each installation individually
  • SMART Flux Sensors are delivered completely pre-assembled, with internal wiring and ready to install
  • In addition a redundant measuring section is integrated in the sensor
  • All measurements are passed on to the analysis centre SMART Furnace where various software modules analyse, evaluate and interpret the data
Your Benefits
  • Measures the heat transfer, detects the slagging in the furnace, gives the feedback which is the right cleaning device to start and therefore avoid uncontrollable deposit formation and reduced shutdowns and damage
  • Improved heat transfer and process efficiency
  • Less erosion on the heating surfaces

The SMART IsoTemp measures the flame and flue gas temperature in the furnace in a continuous, nonintrusive way.

Principle of function
  • Measurement system based on radiation pyrometer
  • Pyrometers detect the radioative radiation of the furnace
  • The measured radiation will be transferred into temperature signals
  • Using more than 5 Pyrometer the temperature profile of the complete furnace section will be generated
  • The visualisation is presented in a one or two dimensional image
  • Can be used as a one-dimensional or
  • Two-dimensional measurement (min. 5 SMART IsoTemp-Pyrometers) system
  • Based on the measurement results, corrective actions in the firing operation can be carried out just in time to keep the temperature and the combustion in an optimised operation and to stabilize the operation performance
Your Benefits
  • Continuous diagnostic of the process parameter flame or flue gas temperature – identification of fluctuations over time
  • Instant correction for the optimization of the combustion process , e.g. control of the air supply or mass flow of the fuel
  • Reliable basic data for the SNCR-control and for the regulation of the fire power
  • Thermal diagnostics for the control of the boiler process and verification of the results after boiler cleaning – an important basis for the reduction of emission, corrosion and deposit control
  • Requires minimal space and has no flexible mechanical parts
  • Only a small opening in the membrane wall is necessary
  • Low air consumption for sealing air
SMART InfraScan

SMART InfraScan is a contactless surface temperature measuring unit for evaporator walls

Principle of function
  • The infrared sensor is part of a camera unit which has an air and water cooled probe mounted on the boiler wall in the boiler house
  • The probe and camera unit move into the boiler by a linear travel device
  • The infrared camera scans the wall measure the surface temperature
  • A ball-bearing supported rotating device ensures that the probe reaches the measuring position to scan the furnace walls
  • At the end of the measurement, the linear travel device pulls back the probe and the camera unit to stand-by position outside the boiler
  • The number of infrared sensors, which are required, varies depending on the furnace design and the visibility conditions of the infrared range of the flue gas
  • The wavelength of the detector is selected to suit the existing furnace atmosphere
Your Benefits
  • Detection of the slagging hotspots in the furnace and therefore demand-driven on-load furnace cleaning
  • Targeted cleaning and adjusted to the current slagging level avoids thermal overload to the membrane walls
  • Less process impact due to optimised cleaning sequences
  • Automatic activation of the cleaning actions and therefore deposit removal in time
  • Optimum cleaning results
SMART Gauge Sensor

The SMART Gauge Sensor is designed to directly measure the weight of ash deposits within heat exchanger bundles, based on strain gauge Technology.

Principle of function 
  • SMART Gauge Sensors are installed on the hanging tubes outside the boiler and measure changes in weight of the ash deposits building up on the heat exchanger surfaces by means of strain gauges
  • Increasing deposits are indicated by an increase in weight
  • This localises areas of heavy deposits
  • The number and positioning of the sensors depends on the boiler geometry as well as the layout of the heating surfaces and the number and position of boiler-cleaning equipment
  • For special applications and boiler design, high temperature sensors up to 600°C are available.
  • By using a certain amount of SMART Gauge Sensors, a measuring grid is created to cover the complete cross section of the boiler
Your Benefits
  • By detecting the fouling situation on the heat exchanger bundles, demand-oriented,  -selective and automatic On-load cleaning can be activated
  • Prevention of uncontrollable deposits
  • Improved heat absorption in the convective part
  • More flexibility in the use of different fuel qualities and compositions
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning media
  • Lower influence on process due to targeted and reduced convective part cleaning