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The CLEANING MANAGER is the control center of SMART Clean and is responsible for maintaining boiler efficiency and availability.

The more comprehensive the stored events, the better the CLEANING MANAGER can work as an automatic system. The decision concerning the optimum cleaning strategy, i.e. which cleaning device is  activated when and with which cleaning parameters, is made by the CLEANING MANAGER in real time.  In doing so, process and procedural requirements are taken into account.

Principle of function
  • All cleaning actions which were recommended by the SMART Furnace and SMART Convection analysis centres will be checked for plausibility and evaluated with regard to their effect
  • For the final decision the CLEANING Manager considers current process data which are provided by the PHR module
  • The CLEANING MANAGER decide WHERE, HOW and WHEN to clean
  • It also accesses stored operational events, such as planned revision, so that the selected cleaning strategy complies also with the system requirements in the near future
  • The CLEANING MANAGER initiates the activation of the necessary cleaning devices via the control system
  • The CLEANING MANAGER administers and visualises all of the determined data and as such provides as well the user interface as PC-supported system in client-server architecture
Your Benefits
  • Demand-oriented,  selective and automatic On-load furnace cleaning in the furnace and in the convective part
  • Prevention of uncontrollable deposits
Principle of function

PHR - Plant Heat Rate

The Plant Heat Rate is the adviser for plant related issues.

  • The PHR module combines the knowledge about all boiler related components, i.e. pumps, blowers, turbines etc
  • This covers aspects such as boiler operation, mill combinations and similar ones and includes the component characteristic, such as the performance curve of the ID fan
  • By means of “What-If-Calculations”, the effects of changed parameters can be tested in advance
  • The information exchange with the CLEANING MANAGER ensures that the defined cleaning strategy maintains boiler efficiency and availability
Your Benefits
  • Increased knowledge about the processes during operation
  • Recognition and utilization of cost reduction potential
  • Software and hardware from one source and therewith ideally matched for an optimum on-load boiler cleaning at highest possible preservation of plant efficiency and availability
  • Flexible and automatically operated cleaning strategy
  • Cost and performance monitoring of individual process components
  • Recognition of interferences in due time and improved preparation of planned shutdowns