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SMART Clean for Power

SMART Clean is the next generation boiler cleaning optimization system that is designed to realize plant’s performance and operational objectives regardless of the changes in factors influencing the slagging and fouling conditions in the boiler. The system accomplishes the plant targets by using real time intelligent feedback.

While traditional sootblower control systems are designed to merely operate cleaning devices on a fixed cycle time basis, a SMART Clean system is designed to intelligently respond to the real-time heat transfer in the boiler. This eliminates initiating cleaning events in areas that are already clean, that can result in tube erosion. Conversely, the system targets areas that are fouled by managing when to clean, where to clean and how intensely to clean.  Using this system can provide cost savings to the plant by allowing the plant to burn lower cost coals, improve boiler efficiency, reduce steam consumption, and eliminate outages due to clinker falls and tube leaks.

The most frequent cause of reduced boiler efficiency and unplanned shutdowns during the thermal energy process is deposit build up on the heating and reaction surfaces. Due to the multitude of influencing factors and their independencies there cannot be a global, once defined and always applicable cleaning strategy.
A whole new philosophy has evolved out of the advantages of demand-driven boiler cleaning. We call this “SMART Clean” and it is built on the principle that on-load boiler cleaning optimises boiler efficiency when it carried out considering the requirements of the entire process.

Principle of function
  • SMART Clean incorporates all necessary process engineering knowledge to carry out on-load boiler cleaning in a  demand-driven and intelligent way
  • The combined application of diagnostics and analysis is the enabler
  • The diagnostics comes from various sensor systems, which continuously and directly measure important process parameters
  • This data is passed on to the analysis centre where various software modules evaluate and interpret the data
  • Once the analysis is complete, the results are transformed into necessary cleaning actions
  • The combination of sensor technology and software also provides constant feedback on the success of cleaning

The uppermost goal is to preserve boiler efficiency and availability. Here, an evaluation takes place of all recommended cleaning actions using current process data and stored operating events. The most suitable cleaning strategy will be selected and triggered.


Software modules as intelligent units continuously analyse and interpret data in real time. They provide recommendations concerning where, how and when to clean. These recommendations are forwarded to the decision level.


Different sensors continuously monitor important process parameters feeding back key data for analysis.

Sensor Systems

SMART Flux Sensor: SMART Flux sensors continuously measure the heat flux in the furnace. 

SMART IsoTemp: SMART IsoTemp measures the flame and gas temperature in the furnace in a continuous, nonintrusive way by using Pyrometer.

SMART InfraScan: SMART InfraScan measures the surface temperature of the boiler wall in the furnace using infrared sensors.

SMART Gauge Sensor: SMART Gauge sensors measure the development of deposit build up in the superheater and reheater area by weight changes of the heat exchanger bundles over the time.

Software Systems

SMART Furnace: The task of SMART Furnace is the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the deposit situation in the furnace and the definition of appropriate, demand-driven cleaning actions.

SMART Convection: SMART Convection is focused on the deposit situation in the convection area to optimise the boiler cleaning.

CLEANING MANAGER: The CLEANING MANAGER is the control centre of SMART Clean and interprets the recommendations made from SMART Furnace and SMART Convection and determines the optimal cleaning strategy to maximise boiler efficiency.

  • Combined application of diagnostics and analysis
  • SMART Clean enables a comprehensive flexibility in controlling the boiler cleaning equipment
  • As the deposit situation is analysed selectively, it is possible to determine for each cleaning action single sootblower levels, single sootblowers and even cleaning parameters for every single sootblower travel
  • The modularity of SMART Clean allows to select and to combine modules, within system boundaries, to meet individual plant needs
Your Benefits
  • Less use of cleaning media
  • Less erosion on the heating surfaces
  • Improved heat transfer and process efficiency
  • Reduced furnace exit gas temperature
  • Stable flue gas temperature at full load operation
  • More flexibility while firing fuel mixes
  • Avoidance of uncontrollable deposit formation and reduced shutdowns and damage