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SMART Clean Compact

SMART Clean Compact is the optimal solution to increase process efficiency of small industrial boilers, waste incinerators and biomass plants. It uses thermodynamic model-based algorithm to analyse and interpret the plant process. The performance of all cleaning devices such as SMART Cannon and SMART SCS, sootblowers and rapping devices is controlled on the basis of the resulting data of SMART Clean Compact to obtain optimum boiler output.
Further Clyde Bergemann diagnostic equipment such as, SMART Flux sensors can also be integrated into the System.


Principle of function

Model-based steam generator cleaning:

  • Utilises on existing process variables (steam/water and flue gas measurements) to monitor the effectiveness of cleaning operations
  • For a targeted  analysis, each boiler is divided up into separate sections, such as the combustion system and the convective part
  • Continuous monitoring of the steam generator process before, during and after the on-load cleaning
  • Evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of cleaning actions
  • Optimization of the cleaning strategy to achieve the highest efficiency for the steam generator


  • Determination of a suitable and demand-oriented cleaning strategy for each sootblower group
  • Determination of the optimum cleaning sequence
  • Adaptation of cleaning criteria to the current situation in the steam generator
  • Cleaning based to the real-time  fouling situation
  • Targeted activation of individual sootblowers
Your Benefits
  • Straightforward, demand-driven cleaning of industrial boilers, waste incineration and biomass boilers
  • Minimum erosion impact to the heating surface
  • Increased heat transfer in the heat exchanger and reduced flue gas temperature
  • Appropriate for new boilers as well as for retrofits
  • Can be combined with sensor-based  methods for the on-load boiler cleaning
  • Control of all manufacturer and models of sootblower possible