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PROSIM – Thermodynamic Simuation

With Prosim, our modular simulation software, you can modell combustion processes like coal, bio fuel or waste combustion, but also HRSG processes or power plants in pulp mills can be modelled.

Prosim makes it easy to calculate all power plant processes from simple co-generation power plants to complex combined cycle plants for both nominal and partial loads. It can be used as a tool for the design and retrofit and acceptance tests of power plants.

Prosim suits very well studying of planned process changes. Its equipment library contains more than 70 power plant modules as well as a gas turbine library. The model library includes over 30 ready to use for power plant.

More than 50 licenses of Prosim has been sold to consultant companies, energy producing companies, equipment manufacturers and universities around the world in all continents.

Industry Applications
  • Combined cycle
  • IGCC
  • PFBC
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Power plants of kraft pulp mills
Areas of Application
  • Planning a new power plant process
  • Calculating process modifications
  • Calculating the dimensioning data of power plant components.
  • Performance tests of gas turbine/steam turbine etc.
  • Off-design simulations