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The SMART RS is the most flexible on-load cleaning system to achieve the best cleaning results in the convection area of the boiler. 

Deposits in the convective heating areas tend to have an inhomogeneous distribution.

The use of conventional cleaning technologies can lead to the following issues: insufficient cleaning of badly affected areas due to cleaning parameters set to less deposited areas; tube wear in zones with less or no deposits due to intensified cleaning of heavily deposited areas.

The SMART RS is a retractable sootblower with a unique dual-motor design which allows independent and variable traversing and rotational speeds. The speeds can be varied at any time.

Principle of cleaning
  • The unique dual-motor design allows independent and variable traversing and rotational speeds
  • Creep-resistance lance with two high performance nozzles
  • All parameters required for cleaning such as traversing speed, rotational speed, blowing pressure and blowing angle can be set as required with a flexible combination
Travel range
  • The accurate positioning of the lance tube is carried out by means of gear motors with high-resolution rotary position sensor
  • The traversing speed of the retractable sootblower SMART RS can be set to 'zero' for any point within the travel
  • During this so-called “Go-Stop-Go“ mode, intensive cleaning is performed reliably by continued rotation in places with severe deposits
  • On-load cleaning is carried out only within the determined oscillating area
  • Oscillating operation without axial movement achieves a higher cleaning effect without increasing steam consumption at the same time
Your Benefit
  • Cleaning parameters can be adjusted to the actual deposit situation 
  • Steam savings up to 60%
  • Extended boiler availability
  • Improved heat transfer and increased boiler efficiency
  • Combined with SMART Clean diagnostic tools turns into an automated on-load boiler cleaning system directly integrated into your control system
  • Maximises thermal efficiency and reduces gas exit temperatures
  • Clyde Bergemann sootblowers are reliable and simple to maintain
  • The Clyde Bergemann design optimises cleaning effect and minimises consumption of steam, water and air