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SMART Helix Water

The SMART Helix Water is a powerful retractable sootblower with the focus on the selective cleaning of convective heating surfaces using water in boilers fired with waste, biomass and RDF.

Those types of boilers often have low steam parameters for the sootblowers.

Consequently the conventional steam sootblowers will not work effectively and the fouling will continue to increase, causing unplanned downtimes and reduced boiler availability.

Principle of cleaning
  • SMART Helix Water is a fully automatic cleaning system using water as the cleaning medium
  • It consists of a media supply unit with modules for the pump, for water inlet, water outlet and an automation unit
  • Two gear motors, one for the axial and one for the rotational movements, enables the cleaning system to precisely position the water jet in the gaps between the heat exchanger tubes and perform the cleaning
  • The novel water control allows an immediate build-up and interruption of the water jet for cleaning
  • This new cleaning method is called the 'Go-Stop-Clean-Go' technique
Travel range
  • Only the deposit surfaces are hit by the water and this is solely done at the time of cleaning
  • Removal of complex deposits in convective heating surfaces without steam
  • Cleaning with water without thermal stresses on heat exchanger tubes ('Go-Stop-Clean-Go' model)
  • Instantaneous starting and stopping of the water jet for cleaning minimises the amount of water released into the boiler
  • Flue gas temperature remains in the rated range
  • Cleaning intensity can be adjusted to the actual deposit situation at any time
Your Benefits
  • Extended boiler availability and increased boiler efficiency
  • Checks deposit build-up regardless of flexible boiler operation and changing fuel mixture or varying fuel quality
  • Prevents fouling in the superheater
  • Maximises thermal efficiency and reduces gas exit temperatures
  • Clyde Bergemann sootblower are reliable and simple to maintain
  • The Clyde Bergemann design optimises cleaning effect and minimises consumption of cleaning media