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Part Retractable Sootblower

Clyde Bergemann's Part Retractable Sootblowers are the solution for the efficient cleaning of heating and reaction surfaces of superheaters, economisers, airheaters and gasheaters with heavy fouling and flue gas temperatures < 800 °C. This type of sootblower is a cost-effective solution especially for medium sized boilers.

This economic and easily maintained sootblower is constructed for dependable operation indoors and outdoors in all climates. It´s compact design is highly compatible with the space restrictions often found on fired heater installation.

For this vast range of application Clyde Bergemann offers several part retractable sootblower versions with different travel ranges, up to 8 meters, to meet specific cleaning requirements.  

Principle of cleaning
  • The blowing tube of the part retractable sootblower is equipped with high-performance nozzles over the whole length and is movably supported in the flue gas path
  • During the blowing process the blowing tube continues to move helically into the flus gas path
  • On reaching the front-side end position the direction of movement changes and the blowing tube returns to its rest position
  • The blowing tube remains partly in the flue gas path
Travel range
  • Integrated multi-blowing pattern for more uniform and complete cleaning with minimum erosion impact to the heating surface
  • Force actuated blowing valve to avoid any uncontrolled steam flow
  • High temperature resistant blowing tube and stainless steel feed-tube material
  • Gear motor for combined advance and rotating movement, located in symmetry to the track beam, for RS-HB and VX-HB sootblowers
  • Double-rack drive design for minimum stress and high stability especially for longer blowing tubes, for RS-HB and VX-HB sootblowers
  • High performance nozzles for maximum conversion of steam pressure to jet velocity for high cleaning efficiency
  • Cost-effective design for medium sized boilers  
  • Extended boiler availability and increased boiler efficiency
  • Checks deposit build-up regardless of flexible boiler operation and changing fuel mixture or varying fuel quality
  • Prevents fouling in the reheater and blockages in the economiser areas
  • Maximises thermal efficiency and reduces gas exit temperatures
  • Maintains balanced heat transfer in the boiler as close as possible to design parameters
  • Clyde Bergemann sootblowers are reliable and simple to maintain
  • The Clyde Bergemann design optimises cleaning effect and minimises consumption of steam, water and air