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SMART Explosion

SMART Explosion provides an efficient solution to increase the operation of waste incinerators and biomass-fired boilers, industrial boilers, coal-fired plants, liquor-fired plants and cement kilns by controlled explosions.
Each explosion induces vibrations into the heating surfaces, thereby removing fouling. By carrying out this operation within suitably short time intervals (e.g., once per hour), the build-up ash deposits are avoided altogether.
The Explosion Generator is typically mounted with its discharge tube extending in a horizontal direction. The vertical installation on the boiler is likewise an option. The unit is fitted movably on a rail and is held in place via a spring mount or by direct attachment to the flange. At present three types of SMART Explosion are available, the SMART Explosion EG10, SMART Explosion EG10L and SMART Explosion EG10XL.

The design of the three explosion generators is nearly identical except the explosion tank volume, resulting in differant cleaning performances. We appreciate to define the most efficient arrangement of SMART Explosion for your specific boiler.

Principle of cleaning 
  • Upon the enabling signal by PLC the dosing tanks are filled with the necessary small amounts of natural gas and oxygen to the pre-set pressure level. At this point the two gases are still fully separated from each other, i.e., they are not explosive.
  • The free-moving piston shuts off the discharge opening as gas-tight seal. The solenoid transfer valves for natural gas and oxygen are openend and allow both gases to flow into the explosion tank where they now form an explosive mixture.
  • The glow plug is activated and generates the explosion. Under the sudden pressure rise to approximately 350 bar in the explosion tank, the piston shoots back and clears the discharge opening.
  • The pressure wave is directed through the discharge nozzle into the boiler where it spreads in a linear and then spherical pattern. Once the pressure wave has left the explosion generator the piston is pressed against the discharge opening by nitrogen pressure to close it again. The generator is now ready for the next explosion.
  • Three different types available: EG10, EG10L and EG10LX
  • Explosion pressure of 350 bar in explosion tank resulting in a cleaning pressure wave
  • Cleaning range up to 15 m
  • Compact design, low installation space of 1 m³ required
  • Certified acc. to Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Automatic and continuous operation via PLC
  • Online-monitoring available for optimal service
  • Integrated shock-absorbers to absorb reactive forces due to explosion
  • Equipment retractable with integrated crane feature for ease in maintenance
  • Patented design with quality conforming to DIN standards
Your Benefits
  • Higher boiler efficiency
  • Reduced standstill periods
  • Low operating costs
  • Broad application range of different fuels and boiler types
  • Equipment can be installed during operation without a boiler shutdown